ASUS ROG Ally X The Ultimate Gaming Device

ASUS ROG Ally X The Ultimate Gaming Device
ASUS ROG Ally X The Ultimate Gaming Device
Jun 04, 2024

The first significant PC manufacturer to attempt creating a gaming portable was ASUS. And even with a few glitches, such as a finicky microSD card reader, the ROG Ally managed to provide users with a strong mobile gaming experience. However, ASUS' portable is undergoing a significant makeover after only a year on the market, and it seems like it's finally turning into the gadget we've always wanted.

To be clear, the Ally X is more of a mid-cycle update, much to what Nintendo did with the Switch back in 2019, than it is a real successor to the original. However, I believe that ASUS has improved the new model's capabilities significantly. This is because almost every other component of the Ally X has been altered or enhanced, even though it still has the same 7-inch, 120Hz LCD screen and Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor as its predecessor.

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Inside, ASUS has than doubled the capacity of the Ally X's battery, increasing it from 40Wh to an incredible 80Wh. The portable now has a 1TB M.2 SSD for storage, an upgrade from 512GB. It's a full-size 2280 module, unlike the previous one, so there are plenty of choices for third-party add-ons for anybody who plans to install a bigger drive in the future. Even its memory has been significantly increased, going from 16GB to 24GB of faster LPDDR5X 75000 RAM. Additionally, ASUS fitted a new fan system—which the firm claims is 23% smaller and produces 24% better airflow—to ensure that everything cooled down appropriately.

ASUS ROG Ally X gaming console to launch in June

All of these would be a very welcome upgrade, particularly in terms of battery life and performance. However, ASUS didn't end there. Along with its new black body, the Ally X is significantly thicker than its predecessor, enabling more pronounced grips and a little more ergonomic button arrangement. Additionally, a new precise D-Pad has been added, which I'm glad to see since the old one seemed a little spongy and numb. Although ASUS decided against using Hall Effect joysticks, the firm claims that has replaced them with stronger springs, which should improve their longevity and responsiveness.

Lastly, the Ally X has smaller rear paddles around the back that should be more difficult to accidentally push. One of my favorite modifications, however, is that ASUS replaced its proprietary XG mobile connection with a second USB-C port in addition to adding a third vent to the top. Additionally, this one is fast enough to utilize with an external GPU (if you're into that sort of thing) while keeping the other socket available for charging or other connected devices since it supports both USB 4 and Thunderbolt 4.

It seems like ASUS has finally created the portable device I've been waiting for in many respects with the Ally X. One of the primary problems with the previous model—that it often died when playing contemporary games, lasting just over an hour—is resolved by the larger battery. Furthermore, the system now has a second USB-C connector, which greatly increases its versatility and improves its ability to function as a stand-in desktop when needed. Not enough can be said about the bigger grips, however. This is due to the X's much improved comfort, which is crucial for any portable gadget even if it is just a few millimeters thicker than the original.

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The fact that ASUS is extending its lead thanks to its first mover advantage is maybe the largest effect of all of this. Because ASUS is already iterating on its handheld, competitors such as the Legion Go are still on their initial model (not to mention others like the MSI Claw that came really late to the game; keep tuned for my review coming coon). And that too from a gadget with a strong base. Anyone who has been as enthralled with the latest generation of gaming handhelds as I have will find great encouragement in the gadgets' rapid maturation. Furthermore, the Ally X seems quite cheaply priced, with a starting price of $800—just $100 more than the original Ally.

Best Buy is already accepting preorders for the ROG Ally X; official sales are scheduled to start in July.