OpenAi Strikes Agreement To Place Reddit Posts In Chatgpt

OpenAi Strikes Agreement To Place Reddit Posts In Chatgpt
OpenAi Strikes Agreement To Place Reddit Posts In Chatgpt
May 17, 2024

OpenAI and Reddit announced a partnership on Thursday that will enable OpenAI to surface Reddit discussions in ChatGPT and for Reddit to introduce AI-powered features to its users. The partnership will “enable OpenAI’s tools to better understand and showcase Reddit content, especially on recent topics,” both companies said in a joint statement. As part of the agreement, OpenAI will also become an advertising partner on Reddit, which means that it will run advertisements on the platform.

The agreement is analogous to the one that Reddit signed with Google in February, and which is reportedly worth $60 million. A Reddit spokesperson declined to disclose the terms of the OpenAI agreement to Engadget and OpenAI did not respond to a request for comment.

OpenAI has been increasingly forging partnerships with publishers to get data to continue training its AI models. In the last few weeks alone, the company has signed agreements with the Financial Times and Dotdash Meredith. Last year, it also partnered with German publisher Axel Springer to train its models on news from Politico and Business Insider in the US and Bild and Die Welt in Germany.

Under the new arrangement, OpenAI will get access to Reddit’s Data API, which, the company said, will provide it with “real time, structured, and unique content from Reddit.” It’s not obvious what AI-powered features Reddit will incorporate into its platform as a consequence of the partnership. A Reddit spokesperson declined to comment.

Last year, gaining access to Reddit’s data, a rich source of real time, human generated, and often high-quality information, became a contentious issue after the company announced that it would start charging developers to use its API. As a consequence, scores of third-party Reddit clients were forced to close down and thousands of subreddits went offline in protest. At the time, Reddit stood its ground and said that large AI companies were harvesting its data with no payment. Since then, Reddit has been monetizing its data by forging such agreements with Google and OpenAI, whose progress in training their AI models depends on having access to it.

Openai Co-founder And Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever Is Departing The Company

OpenAI strikes Reddit deal to train its AI on your posts - The Verge

Ilya Sutskever has announced on X, formerly known as Twitter, that he's leaving OpenAI almost a decade after he co-founded the company. He's confident that OpenAI "will build [artificial general intelligence] that is both safe and beneficial" under the stewardship of CEO Sam Altman, President Greg Brockman and CTO Mira Murati, he continued. In his own post about Sutskever's departure, Altman dubbed him "one of the greatest minds of our generation" and credited him for his work with the company. Jakub Pachocki, OpenAI's previous Director of Research who oversaw the development of GPT-4 and OpenAI Five, has assumed Sutskever's role as Chief Scientist.

While Sutskever and Altman lauded each other in their farewell messages, the two were embroiled in the company's largest scandal last year. In November, OpenAI's board of directors abruptly dismissed Altman and company President Greg Brockman. "[T]he board no longer has confidence in [Altman's] ability to continue leading OpenAI," the ChatGPT-maker announced back then. Sutskever, who was a board member, was involved in their dismissal and was the one who asked both Altman and Brockman to separate meetings where they were informed that they were being dismissed. According to reports that came out at the time, Altman and Sutskever had been butting heads when it came to how rapidly OpenAI was developing and commercializing its generative AI technology.

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Both Altman and Brockman were reinstated just five days after they were dismissed, and the initial board was dissolved and substituted with a new one. Shortly before that occurred, Sutskever posted on X that he "deeply regre[tted his] participation in the board's actions" and that he will do everything he can "to reunite the company." He then stepped down from his role as a board member, and while he remained Chief Scientist, The New York Times says he never really returned to work.

Sutskever shared that he's moving on to a new endeavor that's "very personally meaningful" to him, though he has yet to share details about it. As for OpenAI, it recently unveiled GPT-4o, which it claims can recognize emotion and can process and generate output in text, audio and images.

Openai Asserts That Its Free Gpt-4o Model Can Speak, Giggle, Sing And See Like A Human

OpenAI claims that its free GPT-4o model can talk, laugh, sing and see like  a human

OpenAI on Monday announced GPT-4o, a brand new AI model that that the company says is one step closer to “much more natural human-computer interaction.” The new model admits any combination of text, audio and images as input and can generate an output in all three formats. It’s also capable of recognizing emotion, lets you interrupt it mid-speech, and responds nearly as quickly as a human being during conversations.

“The special thing about GPT-4o is it beings GPT-4 level intelligence to everyone, including our free users,” said OpenAI CTO Mira Murati during a live-streamed presentation. “This is the first time we’re making a huge step forward when it comes to ease of use.”

During the presentation, OpenAI showed off GPT-4o translating live between English and Italian, assisting a researcher solve a linear equation in real time on paper, and providing guidance on deep breathing to another OpenAI executive merely by listening to his exhalation.

The “o” in GPT-4o stands for “omni”, a reference to the model’s multimodal capabilities. OpenAI said that GPT-4o was trained across text, vision and audio, which means that all inputs and outputs are processed by the same neural network. This is distinct from the company’s previous models, GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, which did let users pose queries merely by speaking, but then transcribing the speech into text. This stripped out tone and emotion and made interactions sluggish.

OpenAI is making the new model available to everyone, including free ChatGPT users, over the next few weeks and also releasing a desktop version of ChatGPT, initially for the Mac, which paid users will have access to starting today.