XbotGo Chameleon Sports-tracking Phone Mount With Ai

XbotGo Chameleon Sports-tracking Phone Mount With Ai
XbotGo Chameleon Sports-tracking Phone Mount With Ai
May 14, 2024

The XbotGo Chameleon works with your smartphone, autonomously capturing AI-enhanced footage of sports competitions and training sessions.

I appreciate playing golf, but my stroke requires work. While my spouse volunteers to be my cinematographer, capturing footage of my movements at the driving range—I know he wants to practice, too. In a situation like ours, the XbotGo Chameleon, an AI-powered sports-tracking phone mount, helps us get more out of our sports experience.

XbotGo describes the Chameleon as a “evolving AI cameraman.” True to form, the phone mount transforms a smartphone into an AI-powered video camera that follows its subject (or subjects) while they perform. When you transfer it to a tripod, you no longer need to recruit friends or loved ones to video your games and practice sessions.

In my opinion, there’s no greater method to enhance athletic performance than actually seeing your movements. The XbotGo Chameleon helps me do that routinely, in astonishing detail and accuracy. If you want to enhance your skill, too, keep reading!

Precise Participant Monitoring

When I’m capturing my stroke on video, I want the camera to remain on me as I move. Thankfully, the XbotGo Chameleon employs a re-identification technology dubbed FollowMe 2.0. This permits the device to observe an athlete using their visage, jersey number, physique type, and more.

This way, the camera fixes on me as I swing. So, the camera doesn’t move away even if someone is swinging next to me or another ball enters into view. This way, I get personalized footage that concentrates on my game only. Later, I can analyze the footage and modify my stroke as required.

This feature isn’t just for golfers, though. Figure skaters, boxers, fencers, yoga devotees, and many other athletes can benefit from recording their movements with the Xbot Go Chameleon.

Automatic Team Activities Monitoring

Review: XbotGo Chameleon sports-tracking phone mount

Another interesting feature of this sports-tracking phone mount is its team sports capture. According to the company, the device autonomously captures sports like soccer, hockey, basketball, rugby, lacrosse, and volleyball.

We find the capability beneficial for our daughter’s basketball contests. The integrated technology ensures that crucial instances, like scoring points, get captured from any distance.

Plus, the XbotVision 2.0 algorithm employs sophisticated technology to monitor the ball’s trajectory and the player’s movements. It predicts where the ball travels so it is always in the right position at the correct time.

Ai-enhanced Video Editing

Video editing is a task I often neglect when I’m filming footage for personal use. There’s no need to get elaborate when I just want to see how I’m playing. However, with this sports-tracking phone device, I get entirely automatic goal modification for sports like football and basketball.

Then, when I use the XbotGo Chameleon with a remote control and a smartwatch, I can get semi-automatic video editing for a wide spectrum of sports. It even generates montages and video highlights that I can share with friends and family.

Live Stream To Social Media

Meanwhile, XbotGo Chameleon makes sharing footage of live training sessions and games uncomplicated. It integrates with prominent streaming platforms, such as YouTube, XbotGo Live, Facebook, Game Changer, and others.

This feature is beneficial for committed athletes who want to share footage of live events with their followers. For me, I’ll have to wait until I’m further along with my swing practice.

Video A 360° Panorama

Review: XbotGo Chameleon sports-tracking phone mount

One of my favorite features of the XbotGo Chameleon is the 360° panoramic subject tracking feature. It allows me video my putting game in 360°. That way, I can move freely around the putting green and still expect the camera to capture my movements.

Plus, the 360° field of view assures my videos are more immersive and dynamic. It provides me all the details of my play and allows me to see all the factors that influenced my performance.

This feature is also excellent for dancers, figure skaters, and track and field events—any participant who wishes to get a complete view of their performance.

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Easy Setup And Extended Battery Life

I’m pleased to inform that the XbotGo Chameleon’s configuration procedure takes less than a minute. Likewise, learning how to use it takes as little as 3 minutes. These considerate features ensure I don’t squander time setting up the camera and can spend more time engaging.

What’s more, the 7500 mAh battery offers significant capacity. It gives me over 8 hours of use, which lasts for about 4 golf practice sessions or a couple of kids’ basketball games. So I don’t have to recharge continually.

Improve Your Athletic Performance With The XbotGo Chameleon

As someone who desires to enhance her athletic performance in a specific discipline, I find the XbotGo Chameleon an instrumental tool. It helps me analyze my performance and make adjustments to get better.

The device is extremely versatile and can capture many sports including basketball, soccer, football, baseball, track and field, lacrosse, rugby…the list could go on and on. Likewise, it can focus on one or 2 participants and capture an entire sports event.

If you want to progress in a sport or elevate your performance to the next level, capturing your movements is a must. Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend the XbotGo Chameleon as an effective, worthwhile learning instrument for athletics!