Instagram split with Twitter and start the war pictures

Instagram split with Twitter and start the war pictures
Instagram split with Twitter and start the war pictures
Dec 29, 2023

Soon it will not be possible to share images of the using of filters in the social network of 140 characters

Instagram se desvincula de Twitter y comienza la 'guerra de las fotos'

Until now, users of the popular photo using Instagram could share their images directly to the social network Twitter, from the platform was moreover possible to see the images without having to go to any other pages.

Until now, considering in a few hours Instagram decided to eliminate the worthiness to send photos to Twitter, and embed images in the website of the popular social network.

The information was confirmed by Twitter without users reported they could not see in his platform that published images from Instagram. “Disabled Instagram integration with Twitter cards (the system used to exhibit images and content in Twitter messages),” the visitor said.

Kevin Systrom, CEO Instagram, said the visualization was taken recently and later routed to their users that enabled web site weeks ago. “Things transpiration when a visitor evolves,” said the executive quoted by “The New York Times”, Kevin Systrom.

However, many users still can share images on Twitter from Instagram and unmistakably has not been reported if the disqualification by the photo app will be permanent or only temporary until it implements routing to web Instagram.

Remember that Instagram is owned by Facebook and Twitter for months has taken a number of deportment to enhance its service to the competition of photographic filters.

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