2024's Top Wireless Earbuds

2024's Top Wireless Earbuds
2024's Top Wireless Earbuds
Jun 14, 2024

Sport versions, budget-friendly wireless Bluetooth earbud alternatives, and noise-cancelling options abound.

These days, new wireless Bluetooth earbuds arrive almost every week. While having so many options might be economical, choosing the ideal pair can be challenging. The second point of contention is the exclusive features that major manufacturers like Sony, Bose, Apple, and Sennheiser provide on their devices, after first considerations like as active noise cancellation (ANC), sound quality, and design. For Engadget, I test hundreds of pairs of earbuds every year. against keep this list of top choices current, I continuously compare new models against the finest models from all price points. This purchasing guide provides all the information you need to know before selecting the best wireless earbuds for your requirements, and it also explains why my current picks for the finest true wireless earbuds made the cut.

WF-1000XM5 Sony

8 hours of battery life, extended to 24 hours with a charging case; IPX4 water resistant; noise cancellation; multipoint; yes

With the flagship WF-1000XM5 earbuds, Sony enhances its already potent combination of superb sound, efficient ANC, and useful functions. One of the last mysteries Sony had to address was that these earphones are without a doubt the most comfy and best-designed 1000X versions the firm has ever produced. Even with its superior feature set, Sony still manages to include industry staples like Speak-to-Chat and adaptive sound. With their new CPUs, improved drivers, eight hours of battery life, and notable sound quality enhancements, these earbuds from Sony are among their finest to yet. However, they are also Sony's most expensive wireless earbuds in the 1000X range, so all the improvements come at a price.

Second-generation Apple AirPods Pro

Second-generation Apple AirPods Pro

6 hours of battery life, extended to 30 hours with a charging case; IPX4 water resistant; noise cancellation; multipoint; yes

The new AirPods Pro from Apple are a significant upgrade over the original versions. The features that make AirPods the greatest earbud choice for iPhone, iOS, and Mac are still there in these buds, along with enhanced sound quality and active noise cancellation. Transparency mode, which sounds much more realistic than any other earphones, is the most outstanding feature, according to our assessment. It will seem as if you are not even wearing them if you leave them on throughout a discussion. Fast pairing, hands-free Siri, spatial audio, a long battery life, and—most recently—the addition of a USB-C charging case with wireless charging capabilities are all helpful features.

Pixel Buds Pro from Google

11 hours of battery life, up to 31 hours when using a charging case; IPX4 water resistant; noise cancellation; multipoint; yes

It seems like Google has finally found a groove with truly wireless earphones. After its first effort failed to impress, the firm has improved with each subsequent model that it releases. Google promises strong, punchy bass, ANC performance, dependable touch controls, and wireless charging in an IPX4-rated device that will be ideal for Android users with the Pixel Buds Pro. Furthermore, Google Translate Conversation Mode and other additional convenience features are available for Pixel and Android smartphones.

Soundcore Space A40 by Anker

10 hours of battery life, up to 50 hours with a charging case; IPX4 water resistant; noise cancellation; multipoint; yes

The Anker Soundcore Space A40 has all the features you would expect from twice as expensive wireless earbuds: ANC, wireless charging, IPX4 water resistance, multi-device pairing, transparency mode, eight to ten hours of battery life, and compatibility for LDAC. In our testing, we discovered that they had a pleasant tone that was nice straight out of the box, but if necessary, Anker's accompanying app makes it simple to adjust the EQ curve. Furthermore, while its ANC isn't nearly as good at cutting down on background noise as our top choices, it's still useful for lengthy flights or loud offices. At about $80, this is excellent value. – Senior Commerce Writer Jeff Dunn

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Earbuds with Noise Cancellation

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds Noise-Canceling True 882826-0010

Six hours of battery life, extended to 24 hours with a charging case; IPX4 water resistant; noise cancellation; multipoint; yes

Out of all the wireless earbuds we've tested, Bose's QuietComfort Earbuds have continuously offered the greatest noise cancellation since the company released the initial model. Not surprisingly, the QC Ultra Earbuds, the most current iteration, only saw an improvement in ANC performance. The most important development here, however, is that Bose's new Immersive sonic technology has given it the sonic capabilities to finally compete with the top earbuds. By not needing specially-made material to be used, the functionality makes spatial audio accessible to everyone. By primarily relying on virtualisation, QC Ultra Earbuds place you in the center of the acoustic "sweet spot" as opposed to using music and movies where sound is coming from all directions. The spec list is completed with a separate gesture for volume controls, longer battery life than stated, and customizable settings.

Momentum True Wireless Sennheiser 4

7 hours of battery life, up to 30 hours with a charging case; IP54 water resistant; noise cancellation; multipoint; yes

Sennheiser has managed to hold the top rank on our list for pure sound quality once again. Of course, Bose offers superior ANC performance, while Sony offers a more feature-rich lineup. However, the Momentum True Wireless 4 offers excellent clarity and detail. Long periods of enjoyment may be had listening to its warm, welcoming sound, and although the bass is powerful when needed, it never becomes too loud. Thanks to Snapdragon Sound compatibility, Android users may enjoy high-resolution audio, while Apple Music offers the finest experience for iPhone users, particularly when listening to Dolby Atmos music.

Beats Fit Pro

Six hours of battery life, extended to 24 hours with a charging case; IPX4 water resistant; noise cancellation; multipoint; yes

What are the most superior AirPods characteristics in an exercise pair of earbuds? The Beats Fit Pro is that. These buds include one-touch rapid pairing, hands-free Siri, and Find My tools because to Apple's H1 chip. Additionally, they'll let you see or listen in tandem with another pair of AirPods or Beats wireless headphones while using Audio Sharing with an Apple device. The IPX4 certification, comfortable silicone ear tips, superb noise cancellation, and balanced, punchy bass will keep the exercises exciting. These are also a great choice for use outside of the gym. These aren't simply a great purchase for iOS users; there is also a ton of support for Android smartphones.

LinkBuds S from Sony

6 hours of battery life, extended to 20 hours with a charging case; IPX4 water resistant; noise cancellation; multipoint; yes

This year's greatest surprise wasn't Sony's exclusive open-wear LinkBuds; rather, it was the more widely available replacement. The LinkBuds S are a more conventionally styled earbud similar to the company's high-end WF-1000XM4, but they fit considerably more comfortably since they are smaller and lighter. The sound quality of these small wireless earbuds is impressive, and they enable both LDAC and DSEE Extreme high-resolution listening. When required, the transparency mode on the capable ANC helps you be aware of ambient noise. Furthermore, Adaptive Sound Control may automatically adjust settings depending on activity or location, and the convenient Speak-to-Chat feature is available. That's a lot of high-end functionality for a reasonably priced device.

How Should One Evaluate Wireless Earbuds?

How Should One Evaluate Wireless Earbuds?

The first thing to think about when purchasing earphones is the wear style or design. Would you rather have something that entirely covers your ears, like AirPods, or something that fits semi-open? Active noise canceling earbuds are what you should look for if you're buying for them, but if you use them all day or often go somewhere where you need to be aware of background noise, a case may be made for the former. You should evaluate the size, weight, and general form of the earphones before making a decision since these may all affect how comfortable they are for you. And keep in mind that even with extensive study, audio businesses aren't flawless, so the earbud form they choose may not be a good match for you. Never hesitate to exchange uncomfortable earphones for ones that fit better.

Since wireless earphones are more commonplace, they are now more dependable for everyday tasks like steady Bluetooth communication. Businesses continue to compete to fit as much as possible into ever compact designs. This usually translates to additional features on higher-end earbud sets and more basic features on lower-end versions. When choosing your next pair of earbuds, carefully assess what you absolutely must have, and make sure that features like multipoint connection and automatic pause are included in the specification sheet. Investigate the volume controls as well, as you'll often need to give up access to anything else in order to use the on-board swipes or taps to alter the level.

An typical pair of earphones has a battery life of around five hours on a single charge. Although longer sets are available, this one should take you through a workday provided you charge your headphones between meetings or lunch. Make sure the case supports wireless charging and how many more charges it can provide.

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Businesses will also exaggerate the quality of their wireless earbud calls. The majority of earbuds still make you sound like you're on speakerphone, despite several claims to the contrary. Certain sets are good, but don't get your hopes up until reviews back up what others are saying.

If at all feasible, we advise testing before you purchase since sound quality might be subjective. We recognize that, at a time when we purchase online for the majority of our needs, this is difficult. On the other hand, putting on a pair of earphones and using them for a short while may save you from suffering from costly buyer's regret. Most merchants have return policies that enable you to return any earphones you don't like if they don't allow rapid demos. Of course, to achieve this, you must be prepared to temporarily part with money.

Additionally, we advise being aware of immersive formats such as Dolby Atmos, 360 Reality Audio, and Spatial Audio. whether that kind of thing interests you, check to see whether a prospective set of earphones supports them since not all do.